What to pack for a cruise

Hey, Cruisers! It’s Sheri from CruistTipsTV. Today we are going to revisit one of our favorite topics. What to pack for a cruise, or what we like to call “packing essentials”. we have lots of videos that address packing tips, so Be sure to check those out. Today’s tips cover the general basics that we are thinking about right now. Let’s get right into it. We’ve always liked to use two large suitcases for our family rather than a bunch of smaller or medium sized ones. We usually try book cruises that allow us to drive to port rather than flying. So these large bags work out well for us. When we do fly, we rely on one of these inexpensive luggage scales to help us avoid overweight baggage fees. We also like to self-debark when possible, and these type of bags are much easier to manage in crowded halls and gangways than a bunch of smaller bags. You can find great deals on these bags at discount stores like Ross, TJmaxx or Marshalls. We even found a full set of the extremely popular lightweight IT bags at Marshalls. Okay, now for some specific items. Because outlets are scarce on cruise ships, we used to recommend taking a surge protector like this. But a lot of lines now discourage, and even confiscate surge protectors. Now we recommend USB charging hubs like this. They are approved by most, and even recommended by some lines. This will save you a lot of plug swapping for phones, cameras and the like. It won’t work for everything, but it definitely comes in handy. We used to recommend an over the door shoe hanger. This is another thing some lines now discourage. The hooks can cause damage to the doors, and some lines say they reserve the right to charge you for that damage. We’ve moved on to using a collection of various sized packing cubes to help us keep organized. We find we don’t miss the shoe hanger. If you want to know more about packing cubes (and why we like them so much) check out some of our previous videos. Definitely consider a foldup or collapsible laundry basket. These are great for managing dirty laundry. While we are talking about laundry, another must have item is Downey (or similar) Wrinkle Releaser spray. Yeah, it’s not perfect, but it beats ironing. And, one more laundry item. throw a couple of dryer sheets in each suitcase before you leave. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how nice your clothes smell when you arrive. You can save a lot of money by packing your own beverages. Always check the ships policy beforehand, but most allow carry on soda and wine. This can be a big money saver. Those sodas can add up fast. Check out our previous video on this topic for more information. We still like having a good old fashion travel alarm clock. Most cruise ships do not have clocks in staterooms. And yes, you can use a phone for that, but I dunno, we just like having a real clock because on many cruises, you’ll need to be prepared for changing time zones. Now, if you decide you’d rather use your smartphone, make sure you turn roaming and data off. Check out our videos on avoiding roaming fees for more information. One last fun thing we like to take is super strong magnets like these. Most cabin walls are magnetic. It’s a fun way to temporarily post notes, maps and photos.